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How To Celebrate Your Dad's 70th Birthday Party?

How To Celebrate Your Dad's 70th Birthday Party?

If you know someone who is turning 70, you shouldn't miss this chance to celebrate a big milestone. Instead, spend the day with that person. While you read this, we'll give you some ideas for a 70th birthday party that will help make the celebrations amazing.


Even though the people coming are older, you should do everything you can to make sure they have a good time at the party you're throwing for this important event. You need to be careful when planning a party and think about what the guests want in terms of food, health, and other things. Read on and we'll give you some tips that will help you pull it off.

1. Birthday Video

Dad Birthday Video

After the cake is cut, you should ask your family and close friends to record short video messages in which they talk about their favourite memories of your dad. After that, you can show these messages on a big screen.

2. Cocktail Party

Cocktail Party

What does your dad drink most of the time? Plan a cocktail party, and along with the drinks, serve some tasty finger foods. Make sure that the person who is being honoured doesn't drink too much.

3. 70-Page Scrapbook

Make your dad a scrapbook with 70 pages that tells the story of his life over the past 70 years. Along with pictures, you could also include notes from his friends and family that show how much they care about the person being honoured on their birthday. This is the best gift you could give him for his 70th birthday.

4. Casino Night

Casino Night

Does your dad love to go to casinos? If that's true, then this could be a great idea! You can have a casino night at home by printing the face of the guest of honour on everything from playing cards and poker chips to the slots in a slot machine. Invite his friends, and make sure to give them a memorable experience.


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