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Fun Birthday Games For Teens

Fun Birthday Games For Teens

Teenagers at parties seem to do one of two things: either they get out of hand when their parents aren't there, or they sit on opposite sides of the room and stare at each other. If you are planning a party for your teenager, you are probably going for something in the middle. A few good game ideas can go a long way toward getting the party going, getting the hormones going, and helping the cute little baby turtles come out of their shells.

1. Never Have I Ever

Never Have I Ever

It's best to play this game with a small group of teens who know each other well. The fun comes from being able to surprise your friends. Give each child a piece of candy. Everyone in the group takes turns saying, "I've never done..." and then an activity they've never done. They eat a piece of candy to see if any of their other friends have done the same thing.

2. Knees and Elbows

This version of a passing game is pretty easy to understand. Everyone at the party should stand in a circle, and each person should be given something to hold between their knees. It could be a ball, water (or air)-filled balloon, or anything else you can think of. As a challenge, they can only use their knees and elbows to pass it around the circle. To make it more competitive or to fit a larger group, split the group into two teams and have each team work to move the object as quickly as possible down the line.

3. Pass the Peanut

There is no need to use peanuts. Tell your group to either stand in a circle or sit in two parallel lines. Put a plastic spoon in your mouth and hold it there for a minute. Someone at the front of the line should have a peanut, a cotton ball, or something else small and light sitting on top of one of their spoons. Give them the object and tell them to pass it around without using their hands.

4. Medusa


Everyone should stand in a circle, with their backs on the ground and their eyes on the ground. Everyone has to look up when you say "go." If two people look at each other, they must both scream and act like they are dead. This is done again and again until only two people are left in the room. One could say that they won, but the real "winners" are everyone who got to see their friends die in tragic ways.

5. Spin and Dare

Spin and Dare

Spin the bottle is less fun for teenagers, and truth or dare is more fun with the right group of friends. What should a teen do? That's the question. If you mix spin and daring, you might get a very fun hybrid game. You spin the wheel and then choose a dare from a bowl full of them in the middle of the room. Dares can be strange or funny. The results should be fun and a lot of fun in particular.

6. I Am

I Am games

A group of teenagers who hang out together often would enjoy this game a lot. Every player takes a turn playing a different person in the room or someone that everyone knows, like a teacher, a parent, or a famous person. It's so much better than playing charades! Everyone writes down the name of the character they would like to play on a separate piece of paper. The person who makes the most accurate guesses wins the game. A prize should also be given to the person who makes the best first impression.


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