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Comparing Clubs Black Brew House and Lords Of The Drinks

Comparing Clubs Black Brew House and Lords Of The Drinks

Want to celebrate your birthday or any other special day of your life in Lucknow but getting confused between the two best clubs, that are branches of your favorite brand then don't take the stress, just go through the event planet website, we are here to help you. As we have listed some of the differences between Black Brew House and Lord of The Drinks that will help you in choosing the best club to celebrate your special day without any nuisance.


Brew House Black


Black Brewhouse is quickly becoming the partygoers' preferred color, and in a very stylish way, adding a touch of modern yet classic flair to Lucknow's landscape of resto-bars! It is also considered one of the best clubs in Lucknow. The luxurious, mirror-adorned, and opulent interiors speak to a thematic design that promises an engaging experience, and we are all in for its jazz. Located on the 15th floor of Rohtas Summit, the city's party district, this location gives you the best of both worlds: a rooftop rave with all the essentials of greatness and the beauty of the city's cityscape. Over a 14,000 square foot area, Black Brewhouse is divided up.

black brew

Services of Black Brew House


The two-story beer hub includes a variety of settings to fit each niche according to its mood. Deep affection for making the most of your experience, while also cherishing solitude, joy, and conviviality, is at the core of Black Brewhouse making it the best club in Lucknow. It presents excellent food and beverages that elevate the ordinary into the extraordinary, connect the present with the past, and create a magical experience.


Lords Of The Drinks


Your long-planned parties can be held in a stunning location at Lord Of The Drinks in Lucknow. The Drinks Lord Vibhuti Khand The Panchakarma Center and Kamlesh Ayurveda Hospital are both close to Gomti Nagar. The location is also about 3.3 km from Gomti Nagar Railway Station.


One large banquet hall at Lord Of The Drinks in Lucknow's Gomti Nagar neighborhood can hold a small gathering for any event. This location provides a warm atmosphere that welcomes everyone. Lord of the Bottle Large birthday celebrations, anniversaries, ring ceremonies, lavish weddings, lavish receptions, pre-wedding rituals like Haldi, mehndi, and sangeet, as well as a variety of cultural events, school functions, exhibitions, fairs, and community events can all be held in Lucknow.

Lords of the drink

Services of Lord Of The Drinks 


The customers of Lord Of The Drinks Banquet Hall enjoy delicious cuisine. Your special day will be even more charming thanks to the venue's exquisite decor. It provides your guests with food platters that include desserts and savory vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes. You might consider having your guests have beautiful cocktails at Lord Of The Drinks Party Hall to further enhance their enjoyment.

In Lord of the Drinks, the feast must include a parking area where you can securely store all of your automobiles.


Why are these clubs being compared?


Black Brew House and Lords of Drinks are not so old clubs but they have made it into the best clubs in Lucknow. They share many characteristics but also differ in a few key ways.


Lords Of The Drinks and The Black Brew House are comparable. First and foremost, they are both referred to as "clubs." Both establishments have areas designated for different types of drinking, but Lords Of The Drinks Lucknow has a shisha bar while Black Brew House has a tiki bar. Both best clubs have a wall of limited-edition liquor bottles that can only be bought by members; some of these bottles are very pricey and can run into thousands of dollars.

Both have a discreet "girly" room where women can let their hair down uninhibited by men. In addition, there is a separate smoking area for men that has a fireplace and cigar smoke permeates the entire space. Additionally, both best clubs provide members with opportunities to gamble while playing card or dice games and enjoying drinks.


The Black Brew House asserts that its members are more intelligent, affluent, and powerful than those of Lords of Drinks. State and military officers frequently make up the membership of the Black Brew House all these members helped in making it one of the best clubs in Lucknow. However, to join the club, a person must be 18 years of age or older and have resided in Lucknow for six months. All club members must also earn Rs. 1000 or more per year to qualify as full members. Additionally, there are no restrictions on gender when it comes to joining the Black Brew House; men who earn more than Rs1,000 annually can also join as full members.




Black Brew House

Lords Of The Drinks

Established in



Casual,Dining, Nightlife

Casual ,Dinning ,Lounge

Open At

12:00 AM

12:00 AM

Closed At

1:00 PM

12:00 PM


Summit Building, 15th floor, Vibhuti Khand, Lucknow.

Lord of the Drinks, 3, B 204-208, Second Floor, Rohtas Summit, 3, Vibhuti Khand, Lucknow.


Fast Food, North Indian ,Italian.

Chinese, Italian, North Indian ,Mughlai.

Price for Two




4.0 Out of 5

4.4 Out of 5

Party Area




150 (Max)


Table Reservation present

50% of total amount

Cancellation policy



Valet Parking



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