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6 Welcome Drink For House Party

6 Welcome Drink For House Party

Prepare some amazing and delicious welcome drinks to serve your guests at your next big and exciting House Party. Give your guests a great, cold welcome drink that will quickly perk them up and get them in the party mood so they can have the most fun possible.


Here are some ideas for welcome drinks that you might want to think about before deciding on the best mix of drinks to offer your guests.


1. Crushes


Before making a crush, thick syrups made from fruit are made ahead of time. The syrups are then mixed with water to make a drink. In this process, crushers are used. Most of the time cooled water or soda is added to a tumbler that already has crushed liquid in it. Strawberry crush is a popular option that many people like to have available.

crushes motoji

A delicious alternative to mango and orange juice is a Kiwi crush, which is made from sour kiwis.


2. Mojitos


Mojitos are just Lime and Mint Cocktails, but there is also a non-alcoholic version called a Mojito Mocktail for those who would rather not drink alcohol. Aerated soda, water, sugar, lime juice, crushed ice, salt, and lime juice are the ingredients in this drink. The Green Apple Mojito is a variation in which crushed green apples are the main ingredient.

Motoji Party Dukan


3. Smoothies


Smoothies have always been a favourite, and both kids and adults love them. If the food at your party won't be ready for a while, give your guests smoothies to keep them from getting hungry.

party dukan smothies

Smoothies made from fruit, like the Banana Smoothie with yoghurt, are popular with adults, while flavoured milk smoothies, like the Chocolate Smoothie or the Vanilla Smoothie.


4. Fresh Fruit juice


Who doesn't like a tall, ice-cold glass of fresh fruit juice on a hot day? You can keep your guests busy by giving them a choice of the best seasonal fruit drinks. These drinks could be made with orange, mango, grape, pineapple, watermelon, and other fruits.


5. Iced Tea and Cold Coffee


Blending instant coffee, ice cubes, and milk in a blender is a common way for teens to make cold coffee. Lemon-chilled iced tea is a refreshing drink that is great to serve on a hot day. To make it, you mix decocted tea, ice cubes, and lemon juice, and then top it with a sprig of mint.

Ice Coffee Event Planet


6. Go Desi


With all the Biryanis, Tikkas, and gravies at an Indian-themed party, it's natural to expect that there will also be an Indian drink. Why not try something simple like Masala Chaas, which is made from plain yoghurt, green chillies, and chopped coriander? Also, a nice cup of a hot tea or freshly brewed coffee will be a great welcome drink for the adults in the house, allowing them to put their feet up and relax.

eventplanet.party dukan

Always keep in mind that a party won't be fun if there isn't a good drink to welcome people. A well-made welcome drink will not only get your guests excited and ready for the food to come, but it will also make them feel better and liven up the event.

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