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Classic Party Games

Classic Party Games

Nothing makes a parent happier than to see their child laughing and having fun with their friends. This is especially true now, when many preteens, teens, and young adults spend a lot of time on their cell phones and other electronic devices. This collection of tried-and-true games for kids' parties includes activities that are not only cheap but also guaranteed to make preteens, teens, and even young adults laugh a lot.

1. Hanging Donuts Game

Hanging Donuts Game

To play, a player must put a length of rope over his or her head and tie it between two trees or poles. After you've put a piece of ribbon through each doughnut's hole, tie the ends of the ribbon to the rope so that the doughnuts hang at an angle just above mouth level. 

When the start signal is given, each person must try to eat their doughnut without using their hands. Even the adults wanted to join in because they were having so much fun.

2. The Chocolate Game

The people in the circle take turns rolling two dice as they pass them clockwise around the circle. The game takes place in the middle of the circle on the floor. If a child rolls a double, they have to put on two or three costumes, like a hat, scarf, coat, and boots, and then use a knife and fork to cut squares of chocolate from a large block and eat them. 

If the child rolls a single number, the block of chocolate is theirs to keep. They keep cutting and eating until the next person rolls a double. The trick is to move the dice as quickly as possible so that the person eating the chocolate changes hands often.

3. Freeze Tag

Freeze Tag

It will be played by one of the players. Then, it goes after the other players, and if it tags one of them, that person has to freeze and stay frozen until another player who hasn't been tagged tags them, which lets them come back into the game. The game goes on until all of the players are out. When that happens, a new "It" is chosen for the next round.

When a player has been tagged, you have to say the name of a TV show before you can unfreeze them. This will add a lot to the fun of the game. If you shout out the name of a show that has already been used, you and the other player who was frozen will get stuck together and have to stay frozen until another player who is not frozen can free you.

4. Balloon Stomp

Balloon Stomp

Guests should take off their shoes before the game starts. Each person will need a blown-up balloon and a short piece of string. The balloon will then need to be tied around one of the people's ankles. 

When the "go" signal is given, players can only use their feet to try to pop their opponents' balloons while keeping their own inflated. They are not allowed to use their hands. Whoever is still standing at the end with an inflated balloon tied to their ankle is the winner.

5. Name That Tune!

Make a playlist of your tween's or teen's favourite songs as well as some other popular tunes before the party. Make two or three groups for the people who want to compete. Play a short clip of each song, and then have the groups try to figure out what song it is based on the clip. Include spot rewards for puzzles that are really hard, and give the winning team a fun gift, to keep things competitive.


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